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Hotel Ship accommodations

Ever thought about a floatel, also known as a hotel ship? is an intermediary between ship owners and companies looking to charter or buy ships.


A hotel ship is the ideal way to resolve (temporary) capacity problems. For example it can be used for accommodating events, trade shows and parties. Furthermore it is also a possible solution for housing immigrants or students housing.


Drijvend hotelschip Danube Belgrade

A floating hotel ship

First of all, the ships range from basic to luxurious. Often that are cruise ships that have no longer fixed routes or are temporarily available as hotel ships. Above all they are well-maintained and offer all the necessary facilities. Hotel ship accommodations have fully equipped cabins with a bathroom and toilet, as well as common areas including kitchen, lounge bar and a restaurant.

The ship will be positioned to a berth in a port or at a quay in Europe. Finally it can be a privately owned berth, a ‘public’ one or one the shipping company rents. If desired, we assist you with arranging the required permits (authorisation) with all the authorities. Therefor the hotel ship will remain here for either a short while or on a semi-permanent basis. is a business partner of 

Couple enjoying river cruise


House your guests in a floating hotel on Europe’s big rivers

Enjoying river cruise


Temporary accommodations on the water during large events

hotelschip voor tijdelijke huisvesting


Housing for students, migrant workers or refugees