Ship Accommodation

Ship Accommodation is the independent brokerage office in the Netherlands ship for owners. We match vessel capacity with travel organisations and parties looking for (temporary) accommodations.


River cruise ships are such ships. From basic to luxurious. They sail through Europe’s inland waters. They are perfect as a hotel ship because all of the necessary facilities are there. Or they can be used as housing or group accommodations. Ship Accommodation has a large network. With more than 18 years of experience, we know the market and the business. We look for the best match. Aimed at a long-term relationship.

Ship Accommodation is the brokerage office in the Netherlands for international tour operators, ship owners and shipping companies. We match vessel capacity with parties looking for (temporary) accommodations and housing for people. In the past years we have helped multiple municipalities with housing for COA and Ukrainian refugees.


Sava River Belgrade

Ship Accommodation experience

Ship Accommodation owner Roderik van Veelen has seen a lot of the world in the five years he sailed through international waters with the Holland America Line. He would resolve all the problems that occurred on the cruise ship and those of the guests: leaks, missed ships, marriage problems and a sinking sailing yacht, to name just a few. Then he switched to five-star river cruise ships. The essence of the work remained the same: a location on the water but smaller. Ship Accommodation is a part of Cruise Commerce. This company is aimed specifically at brokering vessel capacity for the travel industry.

Luxurious ships

River cruise ships are ships that sail through Europe’s inland waters. A river cruise ship is a perfect solution for temporary or semi-permanent accommodations. That’s because all the necessary facilities are there: from fully equipped cabins to a lounge, restaurant and bar. A local shortage of hotel accommodations is not rare when there are large events (for example a music festival, concerts, walking events), congresses or trade shows. There is also a need for overnight accommodations when providing housing for refugees, migrant workers or students. A hotel ship is a solution in such cases. We dock the mobile hotel in a port or at a quay somewhere in Europe.

Roderik van Veelen

The best match

Ship Accommodation looks for the best match; a match that is not aimed at a short-term solution. We aim at long-term collaboration. We have a great deal of knowledge of the market and the business. We’ve been operating in the nautical world for over 18 years. We know how to connect parties effortlessly: from ship owners, shipping companies, travel agents, tour operators, financiers, shipyards and ports to caterers. Our approach is professional and targeted.

We make clear agreements. And we arrange berths with the necessary authorisations and permits, if required. We are creative in coming up with solutions and can switch gears quickly. In addition to vessel capacity, we arrange for the crew, cruise director and catering. And we can also put together an excursion programme.

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