Corporate Outing

Ship Accommodation has more than 18 years of experience in mediating river cruise ships and organising corporate outing events on ships. We use river cruise ships that no longer have fixed routes or are temporarily available as a hotel ship. We moor a ship in the river next to a city, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Budapest, Vienna, Cologne or Düsseldorf. The corporate outing can take place in part on the ship, but also in the city where the ship is docked, of course. We will be glad to put together an excursion programme. If the corporate outing is comprised of several days, sailing the ship is also an option. We sail in Europe’ inland waters.

Corporate outing on a cruise ship

A Lot Of Experience!

The big advantage of a floatel is that you can spend the night on it. An average ship has 75 cabins. The ships range from basic to luxurious. Each cabin has a bed and bathroom. There are also various common areas, such as a lounge, bar and restaurant. We supply the necessary crew, like kitchen staff for the catering, servers for the hospitality, a cleaning team and, of course, nautical personnel. Do you want a smoothly organised corporate outing during the event? Then we will arrange a cruise director for you. This way you will not have to worry about any organisational details; everything will be taken care of for you. A corporate outing is a good occasion for branding. The entire ship lends itself to promotional activities.

Consciously together

A corporate outing on a ship creates a different feeling than at every other location. After all, you are on the water. This is and feels different. You are truly together because you are physically located in a compact space. This strengthens the team feeling. What is more, you can easily establish contact with others. At Ship Accommodation everything is focused on giving guests a corporate outing of yesteryear. An occasion they will look back on fondly. There are so many options. Everything is customised. Every corporate outing is different. You are giving your guests something memorable. Would you like to find out your options? Then contact us.

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