Floatel for temporary housing

A floatel is a floating hotel. A mobile hotel is perfect when you need additional overnight accommodations. Think about trade shows, large events or concerts. As an intermediary, we match capacity of river cruise ships with parties that need temporary or long-term accommodations for housing. That can be for people, such as housing for migrant workers, refugees or temporary housing for students.

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Floatel in European waters

The big advantage of a floatel is that it quickly provides you with additional capacity. What is more, the temporary housing t is operational in no time. The ship repositions to a dock in a port or at a quay in cities on many rivers within Europe: Amsterdam, Rotterdam Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt or Linz. Just to name a few. Ship Accommodation has agreements with ports or concludes these. We also handle the required permits. Our floatels are fully equipped.

Temporary housing: floatel

A floating hotel is the perfect solution for housing visitors for events, trade shows and concerts. Overnighting on a floatel provides an extra dimension to guests’ stay. After all, you are sleeping on a ship on the water, which is very different than a regular hotel. A mobile hotel has a full crew: hospitality, kitchen and technical and nautical staff. We make sure you receive a warm welcome and excellent care. A floatel also offers a solution for housing crew during a yacht’s maintenance period. We temporarily moor the floatel in the vicinity of the shipyard. This solution is tried and true and is likely more economical.

urban rigger floatable student housing


A floatel is also suitable for semi-permanent housing for students, refugees and migrant workers. The ship’s cabins are immediately habitable. Our cabins have a bed, bathroom with toilet and sometimes a desk and refrigerator. Meals can be taken in the bar and restaurant area. Furthermore, each ship has a fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals. Everyone has his/her own cabin as well as privacy, but guests can visit each other if seeking company. This simultaneously makes a floatel a sort of social facilitator, which is nice when you are far from home.

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