A floatel is a spectacular floating hotel. In other words, a river cruise ship that is moored in Europe’s inland waters. Spending the night on a floatel on the water is memorable. You enter another world as soon as you step onto the gangway. We mediate in a floating hotel for housing large groups of people – for example for a congress, trade show or event – but also long term for housing migrant workers, students or refugees.

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A floating hotel is the most flexible form of hotel capacity. A shortage of overnight accommodations is not rare when there are large events. A river cruise ship can be quickly and easily moored near the event location. The need for beds also increases when there are congresses or trade shows. The big advantage of a floating hotel is that you can immediately scale up in the vicinity. It is a cinch. Nothing needs to be built or constructed.


A river cruise ship is a luxury floating hotel. After all, it was meant to give travellers an unforgettable vacation from the very beginning. We supply ships with a crew; employees who are used to working on ships. Hospitality is a priority. Everyone feels welcome.


The cabins are tastefully furnished. A cabin has a bed, bathroom with toilet and sometimes a desk. WiFi is available. There are also common areas. It is comparable to a traditional hotel. Each floating hotel has a cosy lounge, a restaurant and a bar. We also arrange catering and a cruise director for every event. If desired, we put together an excursion programme.

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Depending on the goal of the accommodations, we provide the appropriate services. After all, there are different requirements for housing students and migrant workers than there are for welcoming visitors to a trade show or event.

Ship Accommodation will sail the ship to the desired location in Europe – for example, Utrecht, Ghent, Belgrade, Vienna and Mainz – and arrange all the formalities . And we work quickly and transparently. Staying on a floating hotel is wonderful. Let us convince you. Call us for more information.

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