Hotel ship events

Spending the night on a hotel ship is special. Regular hotels are often completely full during large events such as concerts, trade shows and incentives and congresses. Hotel ship events get more and more populair. Also is a floating hotel a perfect alternative for quickly creating more bed capacity. We dock the hotel ship in the vicinity of the event. The ships are river cruise ships that usually sail through Europe’s inland waters. Some examples of berths are Amsterdam, Hannover, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest. A great way to organize events on a hotel ship.

William-Shakespeare Cruise ship

Alternative housing for events

As an organiser of events you offer personnel, participants and visitors an exceptional experience. The feeling of sleeping on a ship gives you a special sensation. You are on the water, listening to birds chirping and the water rippling. What is more, you have a different vista than you do in a regular hotel. It is inspiring!

A hotel ship has a lot of bed capacity. Each cabin has a (double) bed, bathroom with toilet and possibly a desk or refrigerator. WiFi is available. You can work in tranquil surroundings, should you need to. The floatel also has common areas such as a lounge, restaurant and bar. After the event you can have drinks or dine with clients, or even give a presentation. The entire ship is equipped with promotional materials. It is your own ship. There is no better branding.

Crew on the floatel

The hotel ship offers all the necessary facilities for events. Ship Accommodation will also arrange for a crew as well as cabin cleaning, meal preparation, and serving guests. The crew is friendly and gallant, as you would expect on a luxurious river cruise. We can arrange for a cruise director for your organisation. Additionally, we can put together an external excursion programme.

Floating hotel

A floating hotel is therefore a more than perfect solution when a city’s existing hotel capacity is not enough. Those who have had the pleasure of doing a river cruise have very fond memories. It is an experience you will never forget. Give your event an extra dimension. Moor a hotel ship in the nearby river. Want to know more? Then contact us. is a business partner from

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