Housing on a river cruise ship

A river cruise ship is ideal as housing for students, housing migrant workers and refugees. The demand for flexible forms of housing is increasing. Often long-term investments are involved in housing large groups of people for temporary or semi-permanent stays. For instance buildings need to be transformed for this. Hence, moveable housing units, rooms and chalets are a good housing alternative, even though the relocation costs are considerable.

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Housing advantage

Probably you have to deal with zoning plans. Maybe as well with possible resistance to this form of housing by the residents in the area. As a result of  too much temporary housing in a neighborhood, the situation becomes undesirable. For the reason that a river cruise ship as housing has multiple advantages. 

We dock the ship in a port or quay of a river. This is often in an outlying area or port area, which limits the nuisance for the surroundings. An advantage of a port area is that all facilities are available in the immediate vicinity.


What is more, housing on a ship is safe. The ships are up-to-date and well-maintained. River cruise ships range from basic to luxurious. Above all they were built back in the day to provide travellers with a pleasant stay. Each traveller has a private room with a bed, bathroom and sometimes a desk. 

Furthermore there are common recreational facilities. Each floating hotel has a lounge, bar and restaurant. A well-oiled crew will handle the cleaning and, if requested, the catering.

Nautical aspect

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the nautical aspect of accommodations on a ship. It is lovely to be on the water. You can enjoy listening to birds chirping and water rippling and see beautiful vistas of the water. Students, migrant workers and refugees are far from home. 

The common areas provide a place to establish contact with others. Boredom is less likely to strike, and the chance of loneliness is decreased. Bad housing damages the reputation of a lodging-house keeper, employee or broker. As a result you give your guests not only a bed, but also extra dimension to their living comfort. 

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