An incentive on a river cruise ship  is the ultimate manner to show your appreciation for your employees, clients or business relationships. Furthermore with a stay on a river cruise ship you are really providing an experience. Above all a memorable incentive that people will look back on fondly. You can enjoy several days on a river cruise ship. We can moor in a fixed spot in one of Europe’s inland waters or do a mini-cruise.

incentive on a river cruise ship

Original incentive

An unforgettable experience is what you are giving people as an incentive with a stay on a floating hotel. Ship Accommodation organise that for you. Therefor we dock our river cruise ship in a port or berth within Europe. That can be in cities as Amsterdam, Cologne, Budapest, Vienna or Strasbourg.

These ships no longer sail fixed routes or are temporarily available as a hotel ship. Therefore these are available for an ultimate incentive. The furnishings of a river cruise ship range from basic to luxurious. Also there is a bar, lounge, restaurant and overnight accommodations. Each cabin has a bed and bathroom. Some may have a refrigerator and desk.



The major advantage of a ship is that you are with a group of people in a compact space. This means that you are truly together, which allows you to quickly establish contact with others. Above all, if privacy is needed, individual cabins are available. Connection is often the keyword for incentives. We will take care of it and organise the incentive on a river cruise ship from A to Z.  Every business event is different. That is why we provide customisation. We can make it as luxurious as you want.

Ship Accommodation mediates a large fleet. There is always a suitable ship available. Together we can determine the sailing route and arrange for the crew, catering and framing. Finally we can arrange a cruise director to make sure things go smoothly on the ship. For that reason you will not have to worry about the organisation during the incentive. There are lots of things to organise on a ship – as well as off the ship. We will be glad to put together an excursion programme.

An experienced partner

We are experienced in organising events on river cruise ships. We have short lines of communication. Clear and comprehensible agreements are the basis. Want to know more? Then contact us. a business partner from

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