Housing migrant workers

The demand for housing for migrant workers will continue to increase in the coming years. Municipalities are aware of the need for additional living capacity. Housing of migrant workers is subject to strict rules. There are standards for, privacy, sanitary facilities, hygiene and safety. A river cruise ship fulfils all of these requirements. A major advantage is that you can quickly scale up your capacity. These ships are fully equipped to house large groups of people. Europe has lots of rivers. So there are many mooring possibilities.

Migrant workers


With a river cruise ship you can offer migrant workers a decent place to live. Each employee has his/her own cabin, and each cabin has a bed and bathroom and sometimes a desk or refrigerator. There is WiFi available. Everyone can use the kitchen, bar and lounge. We can arrange for a crew that, in addition to cleaning the common areas, will also clean the personal cabins. A kitchen staff for meal preparation is optional. We can even arrange for bar staff and a cruise director.


Migrant workers are far from home, separated from their family and friends. Because the ship has common areas that can be enjoyed by all, the chance of loneliness and boredom is smaller. People can spend their leisure time together outside of working hours. Those who want their privacy can simply retire to their individual cabin. Staying on a ship gives an extra dimension to living comfort. It gives you a feeling of freedom. After all, you get to stay on the water in appealing surroundings.


Housing migrant workers in a residential area can result in resistance from local residents. This is less likely to happen with a river cruise ship. After all, the hotel ship is located in a suburb or port. This also makes joint transportation easier to organise. We will dock the ship close to the workplace. Ship Accommodation will arrange the required approval and permits with the port. The ship will be immediately operational. If you need additional overnight accommodations quickly, we will arrange this for you in a jiff.


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