Ship accommodations

Are you looking for accommodations for large ships? Ever thought about a hotel ship? Such a mobile vessel can provide accommodations for 25 to 100 people. A hotel ship is the most flexible form of group accommodation. We moor the ship in a European port. We arrange the crew, catering and organise everything on the ship. We also arrange for a cruise director, if desired. Due to this, the ship is operational almost immediately, which provides for optimal convenience.

Group accommodations

There are many reasons why you might be searching for accommodations with additional beds. A corporate outing, event or international trade show, for example. With a hotel ship as your accommodations, you can quickly scale up your capacity to house visitors, guests or personnel.

A hotel ship has a warm ambiance. Spending the night on a ship is special. You enter another world as soon as you step onto the ship’s gangway. You float above the water, giving you an impressive panorama. The view of the water is above all relaxing. It gives you a feeling of freedom and being on holiday. When you offer groups overnight stays on a mobile hotel, you give them something extra.



The river cruise ships range from basic to luxurious. Each cabin is fully equipped with a bed, bathroom and sometimes a desk or refrigerator. Naturally, the floating hotel, aka floatel, has a lounge, restaurant and bar, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. If desired, we will arrange for a complete crew, a cruise director and catering to take care of your guests, with hospitality and optimal service provision being a priority. Additionally, we can put together an external excursion programme.


Perhaps you are looking for long-term accommodations. Ship Accommodation offers ships for this situation as well; for example, on the Moselle Rhine, Main, Danube or Elbe rivers. Whether you want to house refugees, migrant workers, students or a ship’s crew. All of the ships are well-maintained. It is a pleasure to say on any one of them, be it for a few weeks or for several years. Please contact us if you would like to know more. We will be glad to tell you your options.

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