A ship is the most flexible form of accommodation for housing people, for example during events, trade shows and congresses, or even for longer periods during activities at sea. It is also ideal for housing migrant workers or (foreign) students. That is because we can dock a ship in a river throughout Europe – in cities such as Koblenz, Passau, Brussels, Budapest or Amsterdam, for example. Renting a ship with us is fast and easy.

floating hotel marina

Do you need long-term accommodations? Then a hotel ship is the perfect floating solution. That is because all the necessary facilities are there. We will even supply a crew, if desired. Spending time on a ship is fun; after all, you get to stay on the water. This gives an entirely new dimension to your life. The ships we mediate range from basic to luxurious. They provide for a wonderful holiday feeling. A hotel ship is excellently suited for housing students, migrant workers and (nautical) staff. Off-shore overnight stays are also a possibility.


Sometimes you need additional bed capacity for short-term stays, such as for a trade show, conference or large event. The available hotel capacity often falls short for such events. Spending the night on a ship is an experience. It gives an extra dimension to the event. We can also arrange catering and a cruise director, if desired. And we can put together an excursion programme. A ship also quickly provides overnight accommodations for housing personnel during a project.


We mediate in a large number of ships, which is why our selection is so large, both in format and in style. We hence have a ship available for every occasion. All ships are furnished from basic to luxury and have all the necessary facilities. Fully equipped cabins, lounge, bar and restaurant. And a galley, of course. WiFi is available. We also facilitate the crew and a cruise director, if desired. And we make all the mooring permit arrangements for you. A hotel ship is operational in no time. You can moor on many rivers. This translates into maximum flexibility.

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