Student housing

Nice student housing is difficult to find. On the other hand, it is hard for investors to find suitable buildings to transform into student housing. In lots of municipalities, rooming houses and splitting up houses are discouraged or even no longer allowed. That is because large groups of students in a neighbourhood create a different dynamic – which is not always desirable. Nevertheless, the demand for student housing is high. A river cruise ship is not only a practical solution for housing students. After all, how fun would it be to live with fellow students on a ship for a while?

Student housing on a ship

An average student housing complex consists of a series of rooms and several common areas such as bathroom, toilet and kitchen. A river cruise ship has a lot more to offer as student housing. First of all, you can house large groups of students. An average hotel ship has 50 to 100 cabins. Second, each cabin has a bed and bathroom and sometimes a desk. What’s more, there is a large professional kitchen, a bar and a restaurant section. We can arrange for a crew for cleaning, catering and hospitality.


More than student housing

Living on a ship is an experience. You are on the water, which offers a superb view. It is inspirational and facilitates studying. The common areas are perfect for working together on projects or simply for catching up with friends. And honestly, they are also ideal spots for parties. What student residence can easily welcome 100 people? A ship hence gives you something to offer as a renter of student housing – more than a brick and mortar student residence can.  


Almost all large university cities have a port. So docking a ship is not an issue. We mediate a large fleet of ships, which makes us flexible. We sail the ship to the desired location in no time. A river cruise ship is well-maintained and fully equipped. You can offer accommodations for a longer period of time (years). We will handle the permit process. Questions? Then please contact Ship Accommodation.



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