Trade show

Are you organising a trade show or congress and is the city’s hotel capacity insufficient? With a floating hotel you can quickly add additional accommodations. Not only will you house your visitors, personnel and participants in a luxurious location, you will also give them an unforgettable experience thanks to the magic of a stay on water.

Trade show location

We will moor the floating hotel near the trade show or congress. Many popular event locations are held in a city near or even on the banks of a river. Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Arnhem, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Antwerp are just some examples. Ship Accommodation’s mobile hotel sails through Europe’s inland waters. We have contact with a myriad of ports and shipping companies where we can dock. We take care of the required permits and authorisation.

Floating hotel

The ship can remain moored for several days, weeks or even years. It is well-maintained and offers all the necessities, including a crew. River cruise ships range from basic to modern to luxurious. The furnishings are attractive, giving the ship a pleasant ambiance. An average ship has about 75 cabins, meaning that you get additional accommodation capacity in no time. The cabins are fully equipped, with a comfortable bed, a bathroom with toilet And possibly a desk or refrigerator. WiFi is available. In addition to the sleeping quarters, each ship has a lounge, bar, restaurant and common toilet areas.



Because a floating hotel has common areas, it is possible to organise a cocktail hour, dinner or party. This will add some fun to a trade show visit. We will arrange for the crew and catering. Our crew is hospitable and professional. They know how to pamper guests. What is more, a cruise director will ensure that things go smoothly. For an additional compelling experience, we can put together an excursion programme. A visit to a trade show is usually inspiring. Spending the night on a ship will make your trade show impressive, something people will not likely forget. Get the best out of a trade show. Rent a hotel ship for your accommodations.

Corporate outing

Are you organising a corporate outing? A corporate event will add extra dimension if you hold it on a ship. A floating event location makes every corporate outing, party, cocktail hour or excursion special – even if the river cruise ship is docked in the port or quay. It is like stepping into a different world.


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